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About Cinch

shop interior in winter
Shop interior in winter
Cinch is located at One Cottage Street in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Specializing in the use of parchment, leather, fabric, and gilding applications, Cinch offers a custom approach to furniture and architectural surfaces.

The proprietor, Sarah Pringle, brings 16 years of experience to the business, having worked extensively with architects, designers, furnituremakers, metalworkers, upholsters, artists, and other individuals needing custom detailing services.

Bio of Owner - Sarah G. Pringle

shop interior in winter
Gesso on parchment for a silverpoint sketch book
        photo by: Sarah Belchetz-Swenson

Formative Years I:   Water was always nearby or falling on me.
Seattle, WA., Essex, NY., Newport Beach, CA., Rockport, ME., Seattle, WA.

Seward Elementary, Saint Nicholas School for Girls, Corona Del Mar High School, Maine Photographic Workshops, University of Washington, BA - School of Art.
Formative Years II:   Moved East and inland.
New Haven, CT., Easthampton, MA.,

Hand bookbinder in unique and edition bindings - 8 years.
Crossed over into the furniture genre and have been there since. With a book memory.
Formative Years III:   A work in progress...

Mission & Strategy

Cinchís mission is to produce unique and important pieces. Pieces that add to the soul of their surroundings and environment. Clients will be individuals who define this sensibility similarly and choose Cinch furniture for their aesthetic integrity and sophistication. Ultimately the goal at Cinch is to be a notable resource of excellent skill and design making beloved elements unique, particular, and true.

A small business in the gargantuan world of home furnishings needs a coherent strategy to succeed. At the core of our strategy are two beliefs:

1. Quality: This applies not only to the object, but also to the relationship between Cinch and its clients. Cinch is targeting the luxury market. The products and services offered are distinguished by a sensibility, which differentiates all-important work from the mundane. Techniques and designs are based on a rigorous editing of harmony, proportion and order. These classic guidelines are paramount to standout design. The goal at Cinch is to generate trust, encourage initiative, build partnerships, and ultimately produce an object of beauty and harmony. Design at this level can be complicated. Details are what Cinch facilitates. Dialog to fully understand the conceptual goal, timeline constraints, knowledgeably sound solutions to unique design collaboration is a given.

2. Agility/Adaptability: Cinch is a small agile organization. It is this agility that keeps it responsive to trends in the current industry and in the economy. Cinchís success is based on an historical sense of place and on a level of comfort and acumen with technology. Itsí work has learned from whatís come before but moves forward with ideas that are surprisingly fresh. Itsí size ensures that it can respond quickly and decisively to changes in client needs.

Cinch is based in values that exist interdependently. Values that create an honorable, balanced, and integrated business. A business that is able to direct and measure its long and short-term goals. These values relate to all entities; clients, customers, employees, vendors, and consultants.

Cinch chooses to build a business that acts in honesty and with integrity. Building character is a steady, continual process. The services and products offered by Cinch are a direct result of the sincere core to its business relationships. The honesty and integrity, which is inherent in Cinchís business practices, has resulted in close and long associations.

At Cinch, techniques and products are efficient without being sterile, forward looking but not impracticality futuristic, playful though never jokey. Itís a business that combines hard-edged technology and enduring techniques with beauty and emotion.

Organizational Agility:
Organizational agility allows for flexibility throughout Cinch. It gives it the ability to see around short corners. It demands an understanding of strengths and weaknesses. It produces coherence in productivity; it facilitates responses to the changing marketplace.

Cinch is about relationships on several levels. Itís about people to people, product to person and product to environment. Creating effective business relationships requires Cinch to be both a listener and a teacher. No encounter is to brief, no event to small and no action without influence - positive or negative.

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